Community can be defined in many different ways, but the idea is always the same. And its funny I feel like I belong to a lot of different communities, the one at work, the one in DC, the community in which I grew up, and of course the LGBTQ community.

What has amazed me over the past several months is how honorable and gracious the LGBTQ community is. When I was struggling with the after effects of the Hate Crime attack in Boston, not only did I have the Doctor by my side but I was surrounded by the love and compassion of the community. When I was struggling with the after effects of the trial I had my friends by my side and the Doctor with me, but I also gained new friends who helped me cope. Friends who stood by me and spoke up. Friends like Don Gorton, David Mailloux, Gary Briggs, and Brad Reichard to name just a few who literally organized protest and wrote stories about what was happening.

And now this same community is standing with the Doctor and I in a much happier time. This same community is spending time and energy trying to help us win our dream wedding. Sure it seems like a small thing, but for the Doctor and I it is heartwarming, most people struggle to feel like they belong, we know we have support and love, and we want to return that love and support to you! Thank you all so much for all that you do, that you are doing, and what you have done, you are all amazing and I am so happy to be a part of this community! I promise you, the tear that I have in my eye while writing this is a tear of joy, and it feels very good!

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