My First Born

My first born child must go to Stop and Shop in Poughkeepsie New York, and here is why...

One of the fine traditions at the church where my family goes for Easter service is that many families bring flowers to the church. I remembered this while I was in Stop and Shop this afternoon picking up a few items for the family. I have really bad allergies especially to flowers and I forgot my allergy medicine in Boston. Since I was in the supermarket I went up to the pharmacy counter and asked if they carried Claritin, the pharmacist informed me that they did and handed me a clipboard with a form on the top.

I apparently needed to fill out this form and leave a copy of my drivers license in order to buy Claritin. This form had all sorts of questions on it including "Intended use of this product." Hmmmm, well considering it is allergy medicine I think I am going to consume it when I am worried that I am going to sneeze and cough and have watery eyes. But i was tempted to write, "I intend to use these 10 pills to make illegal drugs." Obviously, this is would have been a bad answer, but do they think that the people who are going to use this medicine to make meth are going to honestly answer the question? "Intended use of product- Drug making"

So many questions and 10 minutes to fill out the form, they practically wanted my first born child, all so I wouldn't sneeze in church.

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