S is Leaving Me

I have known for a while that S is probably going to be moving to NYC for the summer for an internship. I am excited for him, he is doing well in school and working hard to finish up his degree (accounting and finance and stuff). The problem with this is that S may be moving to NYC for the summer.

Over the past three years since I moved back to Boston, S has been here. We talk every day, i see him a few times a week, and Boston will not be the same for me if he isn't here. I know its part of growing up for both of us and growing in our lives. Just seems very odd for us to be in two different cities for more then a couple of days. I am thinking that I am going to have to be making weekend trips to the city.

And then what is going to happen to our Wednesday night tradition, it come from the single simple idea that its really fun to go out and make S serve us drinks, and if S isn't there then it might not be as much fun. S has already told me that I have to go every Wednesday, however, and make sure I remind all of his regulars that he is going to be back in September.

I guess we will see what the future holds, I wish S all the best and more importantly I hope that I can survive without S being in Boston. I am really glad he switched his cell service because we can talk now without worrying.

I still can't believe S is leaving me!

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Anonymous said...

Oh!!! You are so sweet! I notice you didn't include the part that makes me even sadder! (I guess you really can't tho) I am gonna miss you too, but I have a felling i'll still be seeing quite a bit of you!
P.S. - You used my name......again