Good Morning, Here is a Mouse

You know that your day is not going to be good when you walk in and the first thing you have to do is dispose of two mice that are stuck on a sticky trap in the lower level break room. When I walked in yesterday morning I immediately heard a high pitched scream from the break room. This is not a noise you want to here at 9:15 am, when you were hoping to get in early just to get a little bit of extra work done. I walk in and see two of my employees standing on a bench in the middle of the break room. Yeah, I have seen this before and I immediately asked where the mouse was. They gestured to the corner and I saw two mice still twitching stuck to a glue trap, I went to the office, grabbed two plastic bags, put one over my hand and grabbed the trap and put it in the other bag. I walked out back and disposed of the animals (don't ask what I did).

You know that your day is going to be rough when within the first 15 minutes you have to dispose of live animals stuck on glue. About 45 minutes later a manager is paged to customer service, I was on the upper level so I walked up to customer service and noticed that the store smelled a bit funny.

O says, "Umm, I think we have a problem," as she points to the entrance of the store.

I look over and notice that there is a puddle of puke that numerous customers have apparently blindly walked through and tracked into the store. I don't deal well with this, at least not as well as I can deal with the mice. So I need to run downstairs and fill the mop bucket and drag up the mop to clean up the mess. I am moping and cleaning with my shirt pulled up over my nose and customers are continuously walking through what I am doing until one finally stops and says...

"Hey, did you know that somebody threw up all over the floor here!"

Yeah, I noticed, that's why I am here with a mop cleaning up the mess. If I hadn't noticed then at this moment you would be walking through a puddle of vomit. Quite honestly if you are this stupid then I kind of wish you had walked in not noticed and slipped and fell ass first into this puddle Captain Obvious.

Man, it was going to be a rough day!

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