My Jeans Have Been Found

For those of you who have been reading this blog since November you might remember my post from November 24, called S wants to be entertained. It was a good post where I revealed to you all how crazy I really was. Since I don't expect you all to go back and read the post here are some of the basics.

In September I had broken up with R, and since we were practically living together I had a lot of stuff at his house. Most of the things I gathered right after we broke up but I was missing a few things like a pair of jeans and a few DVD's and stuff. Back in November, right before Thanksgiving I went over to pick up these things, with plans to wear the jeans I had left out that night. The problem was my ex was asleep and his twin brother let me in to claim my stuff, I couldn't wake him up and I left without my jeans. I was very sad.

Well, on Wednesday night I went out to S's bar, a part of our usual Wednesday night tradition and R was there as well. Things are good and they have been for a while, we talk all the time about everything and we hang out when we are out together. There is no anger and throwing things when we see each other so it is very healthy. The best part is he found my jeans and remembered to bring them out so I could get them at the end of the night. I was really excited. It turns out that the jeans were in his brothers closet and since all three of us wore the same size our clothes got mixed up when we would do laundry. So, it turns out that I wasn't wandering around Boston without my pants on!

I know that it is a little thing, but the little things are very important and I am so happy that I have my jeans back. Now, I just need to build up some energy so I can wear them out soon. Going to have to be next week I think, I had too much fun on Wednesday!

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