Mobey on My Pocket

I have been telling people about this all week and since I haven't posted in close to two weeks, I figure what better work story to make a blogging comeback with.

We have an ad online looking for a couple of new full time employees at my store, we always get some interesting applicants when we post ads online, I guess it is to be expected but what I really don't understand is how come people applying for jobs don't have somebody proofread the correspondence. I am an awful speller, I write in run on sentences sometimes. I dangle my participles and use the wrong words every once in a while. However, if I am applying for a job or if working on important business correspondence I make sure that somebody proofreads what I am writing.

On Tuesday I received an email from an applicant whose objective (as listed on her resume) was "To have a job." I guess this is a good objective, and it is the reason why we all go on interviews but not what you really want to write down as the first thing on your resume. After I read through her god awful resume I closed the file and took a quick look at her cover email and discovered the following line...

"I want to have a job to put mobey on my pocket" This one line defined the online hiring process. You never know what you get! All of the applicants want to put mobey on their pockets but they just can't seem to find a job. Seriously, who doesn't look at what they are writing and don't realize how stupid they look? How are they ever going to get a real full time job if they are writing to all of the employers that they want to put mobey on their pockets? I mean I am thinking now that the blogger spell checker is going to go nuts before it allows me to post this since it says mobey everywhere!

This became the in store joke this week, I had to share this resume with the other managers! Hey C, do you want to work an extra hour today... you can put a little extra mobey on your pocket! M, guess what? Today is payday, it will be nice to finally have some mobey on my pocket. G, make sure you put that mobey in the register and don't just put that mobey on your pocket. Are you laughing yet, we were laughing all week at this poor girl who wanted mobey on her pocket.

This isn't the only one we had that was ridiculous this week, one person had some first aid experience and wrote that she had, "training to save live people" and another women whose long run on objective sentence said she wanted to work in an "upcoming and growing work job." So after all of these I have figured out what I am going to do after I leave the retail world, I am going to run classes on how to write resumes and conduct yourself at interviews. After a few more years of this I am pretty sure that I will have seen everything.

But I am not sure how "Mobey on my pocket" will ever be topped.

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