Plummeting To My Death

I am on vacation this week and during my August vacation I usually do things around the house and around Boston. This weekend I went to the pool and the beach because it was really warm and nice, today it is kind of cool and cloudy but that's fine because I am currently waiting for the Comcast man to arrive and hook up phone service.

I noticed last week that it is cheaper to have Phone, Cable, and Internet for $99.00 a year then the $134 that I was paying for the two services. So, today I wait for the phone service to be hooked up, and i will have a house phone for a year until the package price increases.

Now one of the things that I enjoy doing on my August vacation is to go out on my back deck and read for a bit. Usually, I read while doing laundry, or after I get back from the gym or something else in the city. Well this year if I were to go read my book out on my back deck I would plummet to my death. (See its not like I am going sky-diving). No, I will plummet to my death because the back deck has been torn down to be replaced, but it was supposed to be finished weeks ago, and still if I walk out of my back door I will fall to the first floor decking, which is the only thing completed.

If the deck was taking longer because of a problem with the structure, while I would be frustrated, I would still understand. However, the deck is taking forever because the contractor has not been here in days. He is generally coming once a week. If he had told this up front then we would have probably gone with a different contractor, or at least been prepared for this. It drives me nuts because today is actually a perfect day to be sitting out on my back deck and reading a book while i am waiting for the Comcast man who is supposed to be here between 11 and 1. It is now 12:30, I wonder if he will actually be on time or if I will be waiting around for him to arrive too.

ETA: The cable man was late by like two hours but i do have a house phone as part of a cheaper package, and the deck man arrived yesterday around 1, it started raining at 2:20 so he left, he didn't finish much so I will still plummet to my death.

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