Bloody Eyes (and not for Halloween)

Well, this week was another hard week, it was busy at work, and it was especially busy because I missed two days of work because of a really gross eye infection. On Tuesday night my eye was a bit uncomfortable, I wasn't sure why it was bothering me but I did know that something was not right. I put a few wetting drops in my eye and since I was exhausted I decided that I would lay down for at least a nap, but probably more like a good nights rest. I slept fairly well but was aware of the fact that my eye was still uncomfortable.

When I woke upon Wednesday morning I noticed that I really couldn't see well out of my eye, and i was insanely sensitive to the light. I stumbled into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I could barely open my eye without pulling up on the eyelid and the lights were causing excruciating pain. I went into my bedroom fumbled for my phone and called into work, then I looked for the phone number for my eye doctor. It took me forever to find it with barely one eye, I called to see if I could get an appointment immediately and found that they weren't opened until 10:30. I left a message and went back to laying in the dark. I even had to turn off the TV because the flashing light was irritating. I lay ed in bed until 11:30 when the eye doctor called me back and told me that nobody would be able to see me today, I was in so much pin that I did not find this acceptable and asked if I could go to another office. They found a doctor who could see me in the afternoon in downtown Boston, but I needed a referral for a primary care provider, I don't have a PCP and was not in any position to do research to find one.

After a few phone calls back and forth they figured out a way to take me, and apparently everything was covered by my insurance. So I had a 4pm appointment, but I quickly realized that there was no way that I was no way I could get to the appointment by myself. So, the next thing I had to do was find a ride to the doctor, I started making phone calls, but most people I know have jobs or are in school full time so it is hard to find somebody who is available in the early afternoon. And to make matters worse the condition of my eye was not improving.

I finally convinced my sister to come and get me and drive me there, by the time she was here all you could see in my left eye was murky bloodiness, it was like a Halloween but a couple days early. It was really not pretty. It turns out that I had a corneal abrasion that got infected. The first night I had to put drops in my eye every fifteen minutes until 10:00pm then every 30 minutes and then every two hours throughout the night. I am still using the eye drops four times a day and they have me on oral antibiotics. I have regained a majority of my vision in my left eye and I can type and read again. I don't need to wear sunglasses indoors anymore, and overall things are much better. I had to throw out my contacts, and I can't put anything in my eyes for another two weeks but i didn't loose my eye. I was really worried it was going to fall out or something.

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