Love the Book, Hate the Ending

A few days ago I finished reading Blindness by Saramago. I loved the book, it was hard to get into at first but the storyline was amazing. You get to see how an epidemic will effect the entire population of a country. This novel was incredibly thought-provoking. It is a deep commentary on society's blindness and the affects it has on all aspects of life. His characters are incredibly vivid, and their responses to the stimuli, both positive and negative, provided by their environment truly brought to light questions about what it means to be a human in the age of modernity.This blindness reduces the entire civilization to its primitive animistic roots. The lack of punctuation and extended paragraphs contributes to the story as the reader unconsciously reads the book at a rapid and panic stricken pace.

I loved the book as a whole, I however, was very disappointed in the ending. I was all tied up very quickly and neatly and some of the story lines were not completed. I find it hard to recommend this book to readers because as many fantastic qualities this book possessed it still lacked a strong ending.

I am reading Complications now, I am pretty sure the ending of this book will not make me crazy.

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