Women and Men Are the Same Size

Today I was paged to the front of the store, we have been having credit card issues and other things so I figured it had to do with that. But I was wrong, I walked up to the front and a customer assaulted me with questions. She wanted to know why two t-shirts that were the same size (as in Small) on the tags were actually different sizes (as in amount of fabric contained in the garment). I took a look at the two pieces and immediately noticed that one was a women's shirt and therefore was women's sizing and one was a men's shirt and therefore unisex sizing. I calmly explained that to the customer who told me that I wasn't answering her question. She wanted to know why they were different sizes! I tried saying the same thing differently... "Ma'am, these are two different style shirts, one is a men's style and the other is a women's style, since men and women are generally built differently the cut of the clothing is different, hence the size is different."

Nope, that doesn't work either she wanted the sizes to be the same. But sizes aren't going to be the same we carry infant stuff (1 size system), children's stuff (1 size system), Men's stuff (unisex sizing), women's stuff (women's sizing) and Juniors (young women's sizing)! Now would it be right if infant sizing was the same as men's sizing was the same as Juniors sizing, I don't think so! But I believe that what she really wanted was for me to carry only one size and style of t-shirt... I shall call this sizing system "Fat Cow Trailer Trash Bitch Sizing!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch not a big fan of this woman are you?

Mouse said...

HA! I feel your pain, I spent several years in retail. I learned to loathe people! Trying to explain to a woman returning vitamins that I wasn't ripping her off--she was purchasing a new item, then I returned the vitamins...and she literally couldn't understand why she owed me money. Didn't matter how many times I explained that she was buying a new item that cost more than the item she was returning, she just wasn't going to get it.