It Has Been A Week (or two)

This time last week I was in Florida with the family getting ready for the Wedding of my cousin J and his new wife L. I had known about the wedding for well over a year but in my typical style I waited until the last minute to get everything done. Its not like in the past 18 months I didn't have time to go to get my suit altered (or buy a new one) but I waited until the week before to do so. When I went to pick it up the Thursday before I was flying out it was not altered correctly and I was panic stricken and yelled at the tailor (very sorry sir it was the stress). I finally got my suit later that morning and made it to work only an hour and a half late.

To make matters worse last week, or the week prior to the wedding actually, I had one of the worst stomach bugs I have had in years. I missed a day of work because I was throwing up, and I got sick a few times at work the day before and the day after. A stomach bug and stress (and no eating) do not mesh well. I was a mess, an absolutely exhausted and disorganized mess when I was packing on Thursday, and by the time I got to the airport on Friday afternoon after working for 6 hours I felt like I had been run over by a Mack Truck.

I met my sister at the airport, and we argued over the best way for me to check my luggage, and also had to pull my suit out of my luggage so I could carry it on, just in case. We finally got all of this set, checked in, and went to go get something to eat. I was so excited to have solid food and so exhausted that I forgot about the stomach bug and had a Buffalo Chicken sandwich, (thank god that didn't backfire on me on the plane).

The flight was delayed, as I would have expected, after all it was the week I was having. The problem was we had a connecting flight in Atlanta so we were very worried that we would miss that connection and be stranded with very nice clothing and no wedding to go to. We made the connection, however, because the flight from Atlanta was delayed as well. After leaving work at 3:45 that afternoon, I finally arrived in Florida a little after midnight, and we still had an hour ride to my parents house in Tampa. When we got to the house I had to shower and shave and pull my suit out so hopefully the airplane induced wrinkles would fall out (they didn't). I got to sleep around 2:00 am but I was lucky enough to not have to have my hair done like my mom and sister in the morning so I was able to sleep until 11:00.

The wedding was beautiful, it took place at a mansion in Sarasota, and the service began outdoors at sunset in a gazebo overlooking the ocean. Granted it was hot in a suit in the hot Florida sun, but the wedding really was very pretty. Oh yes, and my family (as in immediate family) was by far the best dressed people at the wedding (excluding the bride and groom). We pride ourselves on that! The two days we spend in Florida where a whirlwind of activity, wedding, drinks with family, brunch, Tampa, Uncles house, and then it seemed like just a couple hours after we had landed we were back at the airport waiting for our flight home. Which left early and landed on time.

Usually a weekend in Florida is supposed to be restful and enjoyable, and while it was nice to see the family, this past weekend was neither. On the plane ride home I tried to cram my two mental health weekend days into a few hours while my sister typed up lesson plans on her laptop. That's the funny thing about the real world as you get older. I remember when we were kids and we would play card on the plane and goof around. Now we had to focus on the things we had to get done, my sister was worried about her students, and while I was desperately trying to relax I was planning my week out in my head. I was outlining the presentation I was expected to have prepared for a meeting on Thursday, I was worrying about a store visit that was supposed to happen on Wednesday. It is funny to me how things have changed, it seems like just yesterday I was leaving for college (that was nine years ago). Now I have been with my company for nine years, and my sister has her masters and is teaching 18 lil third grade munchkins.

We landed safe and my cousin and his girlfriend picked us up at the airport. He drove me home and then brought my sister back home. It was officially time to start the next week even though it was 10:30 at night. I needed to iron my clothing and get my bag sorted out with all of the things I needed and remove all of the things that I didn't need. I was in bed by 12:30 and ready to start my crazy week with payroll on Monday morning.

I survived the presentation, and the visit went well. I interviewed a few candidate for open supervisor positions because one of my supervisors left and one was promoted to a manager position at another store. I interviewed new candidate off of craigslist and did expenses. I hung up a new rack system in our back newly cleaned out space and worked on clearing the conference room of the fixtures temporarily stored there. On top of all of this I did the regular day to day things, and I am exhausted, plus I am working Saturday. Thank goodness I have Sunday off I am going to need to sleep a lot and recover from all of this fun. Wish me luck!

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