I woke up extra early this morning because we had to do a system upgrade at the store, which means I had to run the store open before I dialed into a conference call at 8:25 (yes 8:25 I have no idea why not 8:30). So, I woke up hopped in a shower, and ironed my clothing while watching the news. The weather on the news kept calling for heavy downpours this morning as a front moved in. Once I finished ironing I went to my bedroom window, opened the blinds and looked out. The pavement was wet but it wasn't more than drizzling out at the moment. I finished getting dressed, brushing my teeth, feeding the cats and then gathered my stuff to leave. I made sure I had an umbrella and a plastic bag to put it in after it was used. I zipped up my jacket stepped outside my door, looked up at the skylight when a bolt of lightening streaks across the sky, and immediately following the clouds upon up releasing a torrential downpour.

I walk down the stairs to the front of the building and try to figure out how I am going to make the ten minute walk to the train, and even though I woke up early I am still feeling the time crunch. First thing I do is transfer all of the contents in my pockets into my bag and place the plastic bag over all of my stuff in my bag, I press the release button on my umbrella and it pops open, I step out into the driving rain and begin walking in the direction of the train. Nobody is on the road or sidewalk, I am the lone fool out in this mess. My feet are getting soaked and the wind is blowing the umbrella in every direction. I am so glad that my mother bought me a waterproof winter jacket this Christmas but unfortunately it did not come with waterproof work pants and shoes.

The lightening is flashing around me and the thunder booms and the only two things I can think of as I try to stay remotely dry is that 1) I am going to be stuck by lightening and the upgrade won't be completed and my boss will be pissed and 2) It's January right, in the year I have been working at my new store I have never faced a thunderstorm either on my to or from the train station and now in January this is happening. I have now made it three quarters of the way to the station and I look down and notice that not only are my feet soaked, but my pants are dripping water from my knee downward. I decide to cut my losses and run the rest of the way in my dress shoes and sopping wet wool pants as I am being buffeted by the wind and my umbrella is trying to take flight. I realize that if there was anybody else on the street they would point and laugh at me. However, all the sane, non-retail working people are indoors and protected from this weather.

I finally make it to the T stop and luckily the train is right there. I am soaked and have hair product dripping into my eyes. The few people on the train all look like drowned rats, and we are all cursing this damn New England weather, I am sure it is going to snow tomorrow!

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