My Big Fat Gay Weekend

Every once in a while you have a weekend that is out of the ordinary. It may contain things you do every weekend. It may include those regular tasks that need to be completed but there are just so many other things. This weekend was one of those big fat gay weekends in the life of a 27 year old gay man.

Friday night is usually a low key night, lots of the boys go to Machine here in Boston, but I am not a big fan so Friday gives me the opportunity to lay low and relax. This Friday I actually don't remember so much. I didn't do anything that nuts I am pretty sure i went to the gym and then had dinner at D's house, probably watched TV and then came home.

Saturday is always a fun day, generally what you do on Saturday is get ready to go out on Saturday night! That involves the gym, getting your haircut, tanning blah blah all those things that gay men do. So on Saturday I woke up and ran some errands and did some things around the house. I have some work that is going to be started in my house this week so I had to empty my bedroom. I moved all of my furniture and bed out of the way of the contractors and I will be living in my spare rooms and living room for the next ten days. After that I was off to the gym. At the gym I ran for 45 minutes to burn some fat, lifted arms and chest, just so they looked better in the tight t-shirt I was planning on wearing. After the gym I went to have dinner and with a friend and then I was home to nap, shower, and shave. After getting ready I was off to pick up friends (I almost always drive) and I was off to EPIC Saturdays.

EPIC Saturdays take place at the Roxy and my friend Raf is the promoter. EPIC is one big dance party with a new DJ every week and where most of the gays go on Saturday night. I am there most Saturday nights with the boys supporting my friend and having a good time. This weekend wasn't any different, I was there with the boys and we danced and had a great time. Usually after EPIC we all head home for the night and crash. This weekend was not a normal weekend, I am not sure why, maybe it was because the Doctor wasn't around (the sane friend) or because we all wanted to dance some more but as we were walking out the door of EPIC we were handed a pass to go to Rise, we looked at it and decided, well why the hell not.

RISE is an after hours club that is opened until 6:30am. They don't serve alcohol but a lot of people go there to dance after the club is closed. A lot of the people there are using some sort of illegal substance but even for those of us like me and the friends who just drank you can still have a great time. JCH had never been to RISE before so he was very shy and standing up against the wall but SC, DJ R, C1, and myself all went to the middle of the floor with a red bull in one hand, our shirts in the other, and danced our butts off. Because it was a holiday weekend RISE was even packed but it was a great time! We danced until 5am and then I dropped off all the boys and went home. I got home and sat on my couch and was sleeping by 5:30am. I got a few hours of sleep and was up on Sunday morning at 10:30 for gay brunch.

Gay brunch is one of the most important parts of any Big Gay Weekend, it is when you get together with the boys, nurse a hangover, and talk about the night before. It is the bitchiest you will be all weekend as you spill the dirt from Saturday. This week a few of the boys slept through brunch, and since the Doctor was away (and he usually cooks) we went to Stella for brunch. After brunch I went to D's house, ran some errands with him, then came home and napped and watched TV including the Pats game and the Giants game (yeah some gays like football). After that D took some pictures for me. Then it was off to get ready for another one of Raf's nights.

Sunday night Raf hosts the party at ESTATE... this is going to be the end of part one of my big gay weekend because I am far too tired to write the rest of this post! That is one of the side effects of being out all night!

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