Where Have I Been

Once again, I went MIA for a couple weeks. The way the Holidays fell this year was very odd for the retail minded folk like myself and the weeks came and went and before I knew it I was writing week ending 1/05/08 on a sales email today. Which triggered the "Holy Crap its actually 2008!

Considering how snowy the Holiday season was this year we ended up making out OK in the sales department, no not great, but it really could have been worse. I also had Christmas Eve off this year for the first time in close to six years. So, my last Friday of work I awoke early and wrangled the cats into their carriers and brought them to work with me. Everybody always loves when there are animals (or small children) in a place of employment because that is pretty much a guarantee that the owner of these animals will let you goof off with them longer then normal. This was the case as each and every one of my employees wanted to come in and bother my cats. Bob loved it because he is an attention whore, Tipsy hid most of the day in my filing cabinet. Unfortunately I could not get her to sit appropriately in the C folder or the T folder!

While home for the Holidays we baked cookies got together for numerous dinners exchanged gifts, some played guitar hero (I did not) and had a great time. I even got to go to the bar with a few friends who live in NY. It was good to be home with the family, and I was disappointed that my trip had to be so short. As a matter of fact, I ended up leaving on Christmas day around 9 at night so that I could be back to open the store on the 26. This began my utter confusion on what day was what and where I was supposed to be.

I worked the 26- 29, I was off on the 30, worked on the 31 until 4, off on the 1st, worked on the 2- 4 and off on the 5, but on the 3rd I had a water pipe break in the basement so I ended up not coming in until 1:00pm. It was a very confusing schedule especially since half the managers were off on some of these days and the employees were in and out.

I didn't do anything major for New Years (mainly because I hate the holiday) and also because I was home in Boston and worked on New Years Eve. I ended up hanging out at G&S's house with some other friends and drinking wine and champagne until all hours of the morning until it began to snow. It was actually a nice relaxed and low key New Years and no surprising news the day after like last year (H told me she was pregnant as I was driving back from RI).

It was back to work on Wednesday for three days and then off this weekend. I was planning on blogging this weekend but on Saturday night after the gym I got really sick. I think I ate something that disagreed with my stomach because it all came and went very fast, but I was laid up incapacitated for several hours that night.

And now it is Monday evening, I am trying to get back into a normal schedule. My goal is to get to the gym five days a week, so far I have been successful with that at least at the end of last week. I also want to be in bed and sleeping by 12:30 at least three nights a week. I know that sounds late to people but I am rarely in bed before 2am and it has been getting later and it has been affecting my performance. I have not however, been successful at changing my sleep pattern, at least not yet.

Other things:

1) Finished The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
2) Spent three hours with the contractor designing my new closet
3) Another long brunch on Sunday
4) Changed some things on the blog
5) Survived Buyback
6) Rush is right around the corner
7) Survived the cold days last week- although my eyeballs froze
8) Didn't kill all the amateurs at the gym on cell phones
8) Have returned to blogging

Hope everybody has a safe and happy 2008, and many more!

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