My Big Fat Gay Weekend Part 2

Well this weekend was so big fat and gay that I had to write about it in two separate posts! So I left off mentioning that Raf throws another party at ESTATE on Sundays. Usually, I don't go out on Sunday because as a responsible young manager, it would not make sense to be out until 2:00am when you have to work at 9:00am. But this Sunday was different. At 10:30 I drove to go pick up DJ.R at his house and then swung by to pick up SC. JCH was going to meet us at the club because he was taking the train in.

We got to ESTATE at 11:00 walked in to a pretty crowded night that just got more crowded, apparently they were at capacity a little after midnight and you could tell because you could barely move from one spot to the next, this is always good for Raf, but it sucks for me because I am short and get pushed out of the way. Now in Raf true style the party has to be the best in the city and he always does this with lights, music and shows, and for some additional fun this weekend he made sure that Kira was working the snow machine, so it was "snowing" inside for two hours, a very cool effect with the lights. We hung out had a few beers danced and talked to people. I even met the bartender from Saturday night who was really nice to me and we talked for a bit. Of course we were there until 2:00 in the morning, and had to wait outside in the bitter cold for SC to come out of the club. I was cursing because it was so f-ing cold!

Because it was a holiday weekend, and nobody had school or work on Monday there was no parking on the street, so we had to park at the Radisson hotel, usually its not that big of a deal to get out of there but Sunday night it was a nightmare. We finally got back to the car around 2:20 and it took a while to even be able to back out of my spot on the first floor because the traffic coming out of the garage was bumper to bumper and two cars wide. Once we got out of the spot and were in the queue to pay and leave all hell broke loose as two cars tried to cut people off in a very limited space. I didn't have much room to move out of the way so I just kept moving forward, but this much bigger Lexus kept getting closer to my car until I let him move forward so that I wouldn't get hit. As I did this a large man gets out of the passenger side door, clearly intoxicated and begins hitting the cars around him with his fist. At this point I decide to back off a bit and let him move forward but the traffic is not allowing me to do this. He starts giving people the finger bouncing around and cursing at people. I have not patience and I want to run the ass over but I figure that would not look good on my driving record. My passengers are pissed too and JCH even call to report them as aggressive drivers, and I take a picture of their plate with my camera phone. This turns out to be a good idea because about five minutes later they get to the front of the line right in front of me the passenger jumps in the car and they run through the bar at the booth without paying for parking. I provide the parking attendant with the plate number and tell him that JCH is on the phone reporting them as we speak. We pay and escape the drama and I am off to drop the boys off and then go home to sleep.

Monday is usually a back to work day, and I am normally up by 8:00 and at work by 9:00. However, with the Holiday I didn't have to work but I couldn't sleep in, I agreed to pick up the doctor at the airport in the morning since he was coming back from sunny Florida. Usually when I pick up the doctor from the airport he is late and I have to circle the airport a few times until he lands. This drives me nuts so I decided to cut it close and get there right before he landed, but of course I hit every red light, traffic, and his flight landed early. Once I got there and picked him up I accidentally took the wrong tunnel back into the city! I suck with directions and I do things like this very often! So instead of taking him home we decided that since we were closer to the Trader Joe's in Cambridge we would go wine shopping since he was out of red wine in his apartment. (The doctor and I get together on Tuesdays and watch all sorts of fun reality television and share a bottle of red wine). We bought a case of wine which should last us a good time and headed back to the doctors house. I helped unpack the car and then went to grab some food because I was starving and I had other errands to run before I finally made it to the gym at 5:00 that evening.

I was at the gym from 5:00- 6:45 and then had a friends birthday party to go to at 7:00. I went over to D's house for the party, stayed until 9:30 and then I had to go home because it was time to get ready to rejoin the real world on Tuesday!

Every once in a while it is good to have a crazy weekend and blow off some steam, but man was I exhausted from this weekend. I think I am going to need a vacation to recover!

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