He is So Demanding

So, S was upset because I haven't posted much about him in a while, well at least there hasn't been a dedicated S post in a while, here is what he said in the comment section of a post that had nothing to do with him...

Ok, I just noticed that there hasn't been a dedicated "S Post" since SEPTEMBER!!!! What the dilly yo?? I talk to you multiple times a day! I feel neglected on the blog though....Do I need to go away again to get some good face time on here or what??-S

Well, it is true it has been a few months since I have dedicated a post to S, so here is a post dedicated to you S.

I mean its not like its that hard to dedicate a post to you, we do talk multiple times a day on the phone. We even went out to Epic one night recently (it was fun because we havent been out together since the cape I think) then after we went out I drove you back to your house and we went inside and danced around your living room to your Ivete Sangalo DVD, normal people probably think we are nuts but we had a good time.

And I see you every Wednesday night, it is always an entertaining evening and I am going to be sad when you go back to NYC next summer for that really cool internship you are going to score at one of the top financial firms. You bastard I can't believe you are going away again this summer! Although, you are trying to convince me to get a job in NYC in the next year so that we can hang out down there all the time.

And seriously, there is nobody else who can honestly tell me how crazy I am (and be right about it) when it comes to the boys in my life (or the boy).

Ah yes, and those are my actual eyes in my new facebook pictures, I swear.

Anyway, I guess I don't post about you when you are around because I always seem to sort out my madness with you on the phone or you seem to sort out your madness with me. Plus, you haven't done anything ridiculously stupid that I can make fun of you about on here- like call a green light blue etc etc!

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"S" said...

Ok, I feel SOOOOOOOO much better now! And for other readers of this blog, let's be clear about one thing....I was not the one who called a green light blue. I have done some retarded shit in my day, BUT I did pass kindergarten with FLYING COLORS (pun intended).

And also, I LOVED dancing drunk around the living room, although i doubt the folks who lives upstairs appreciated the blaring DTS audio that was coming from my apartment until 5:30 in the morning....

OH, and no matter how much i try, there is just no use in trying to talk you out of your boy craziness. You always listen, and then disregard. It's like in one ear and out the other....Which sometimes works out well for you, admittedly.

ANDDDDDD.....You are moving to NY next year some time. I won't have it any other way!