How Cool Is That

So while I didn't check my blog over the weekend, a fellow blogger over at awarded me the "You Make My Day Award." It is really cool that somebody other that S, is reading my blog and appreciates my awkward humor and odd observations, and all the other stuff I write about in this blog! In turn I get to select 10 bloggers that make my day and give them the award.

I read blogs from all over, book blogs, celebrity gossip blogs, people in the service industry, and all sorts of others that I get linked to, but here are my top ten favorites, that I always turn to and they all seem to male my day!

The waiter @

Kate @




The doorman@

The folks @

Perez@ (Don't judge me)

Lobster boy @ (Red Lobster Blog)

Secret@ ( The Insane Waiter)

See they all make my day and I hope they make yours! Thanks for the award!

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