Labeling Is Fun

So over the last three days I spent way too much time going through this blog and creating labels for all of the posts and labeling them. I however, think that it was worth it because now just by clicking on a label you can go to all of the posts with that label. It adds some functionality to the blog, I like that. Anyway, here are the labels and what they mean, some might be confusing...

"Happy" Holidays- these entries cover all of the fun that I have at the bookstore during the holiday season.
Bad Service Pisses Me Off- if you have read my blog before you know that I hate when I get bad service, and I don't hesitate to spread the word, now you can easily find all those places you should never go because their customer service blows.
Blogging About Blogging- all those posts about this blog or other blogs
Books- reviews, mentions, comments etc about books or just posts where I discuss books in general, hey I am a manager of a bookstore there are going to be a lot of these.
Celebs- for those times when I just can resist making fun of a celebrity
City Living- the honest joys of living in the city, and the shit I don't like either
Crazy Customers- all those nutty people I deal with working retail on a day to day basis
Fun at the Gym- I hate the ametuers at the gym they drive me nuts, if you are going to the gym please go for an honest workout
Fun in the Summertime- The beach, rollerblading, kyacking and the general happiness that accompanies the summer months in Boston
Getting A Job- All of those crazy things people do when they are trying to get a job at the bookstore
Gross- all the gross things I come across either reading, at the gym, at work, etc
Hatred- just hope that you don't end up in one of these posts, yes hate is a strong word and I reserve it for those people and things I hate.
Jury Duty- 3 weeks of hell, but some good blog posts
Just My Luck- All those things that could only happen to me
Learning Experiences- the good and bad things that I have learned lessons from
Los Gatos- My cats (Bob and Tipsy) and their "adventures"
Me Time- things I do for me
New Toys- I like my electronics and I always share my joy
Out With The Boys- or girls or boys and girls- the time I spend out or in hanging out with friends Politics- I was a poli-sci major at NU so I am going to feel a need to comment on politics (Go Hilary) and other things
Problems with Basic Tasks- I like to consider myself smart but sometimes I have trouble with basic tasks usually resulting in injury or burning down the house
Quality Service- I'll talk about good customer service as well
Random- stuff that doesn't fit into other categories, or is just totally random in nature
S Posts- posts that are for or about S
The Bookstore- all of my bookstore jobs trips and experiences- its work and it causes stress sometimes so there are a lot of these posts
The Family- i love my family- these posts involve them in some way
TV- ah my other addiction that sometimes I feel a need to comment on
Will I Ever Be Happy- relationship stuff- hmmm this is kinda an up and down label

Those are the labels I have right now, I may add some, who knows, we can see how it works.

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