Soccer Anyone?

So yesterday was the day after the last day of returns at my store, because the textbook business is a non-traditional business in order to preserve our sales we have to set a solid deadline for returns, and it is very rare for us to make an exception. That is not to say we are unfair about this either. We post huge signs throughout the store, we attach a brightly colored piece of paper to everybodys reciept stating the refund policy, and each cashier is trained to tell the customer that last day for returns when we hand them the reciept. With this said, there is always that person that thinks they are better than the rest of the people who obey the rules, and they think that we should make an exception because they are who they are!

Boy did I have a real winner when it came to that sense of entitlement yesterday! I was standing at the customer service desk helping out when a woman walks up and asks if she can do a return. She starts off by saying that she knows she is one day late, but I should obviously be able to make an exception for her because she just wasn't able to get down here yesterday. She pulls the book and reciept out of her bag and I take a look at the paperwork and explain to her that she is indeed right that the last day for her to make a return on this book was February 11, as she had said, and I was unable to make an exception. This did not please her so she asked how she was supposed to know that the 11th was the last day for returns, I calmly point out that it is printed on the bottom of the receipt, as well as printed in bold letters on the bright orange piece of paper attached to the receipt (and she obviously know because as aformentioned, she said she knew she was one day late!) This did not satisfy her, she still was not convinced that she knew the last day was February 11, because after all was she really expected to look at her reciept. I then pointed out the HUGE signs with the last day for returns posted all over the textbook department and at that moment a cashier also informed the customer of the return policy, so I also mentioned that all of our cashiers are trained to remind the customer of the return date verbally.

She could tell that this argument wasn't getting her anywhere so she moved on to her next argument. She insisted next that the book she wanted to return was only recommended by her professor, but the bookstore had listed it as required. Well since I had put up toe recommended shelf tag for this title, and I was aware that the physics department always lists this as a recommended title. She didn't believe me so I brought her over to the shelf tag and showed her that we had listed this book as recommended. If we had made a mistake (and the professor or department notified us of this) I would have given her a refund if she had brought it back, but we hadn't, so unfortunately for her she was not going to get a refund.

She seemed to be running out of arguments, so I took this opportunity to tell her that the best thing she could do was either try to find another student who wanted a copy of this recommended text, or try to sell it back at the end of the semester and get 50% back for the book, because it would definately be used again. Well, of course she didn't like this response and she began to raise her voice and demand to speak with a manager. I tell her that I am the AGM, but I could get my boss if she liked, since my boss was dealing with another return on the next register he had heard the entire interaction. She is frustrated that I am not making an exception and I try to explain the reason I can't make an exception to this policy.

I never raise my voice and I am very calm with her when she blurts out, "Well what the fuck do you want me to do with this book then!" I refrain from telling her to shove it up her ass and once again reiterate her options. She then begins cursing and throws the hundred dollar book on the floor and kicks it across my sales floor, she then runs after it and kicks it again and again, all the while cursing. She is like a rabid animal who has lost the ability to control herself. I step out from behind the register and try to regain control of this customer as she continues to kick the book, this time up my escalator, which I turn off on her because if that book gets caught it will cost me thousands of dollars to fix. I follow her up the "stairs" calmly and without raising my voice, tell her that I need to ask her to leave the store, if she wishes to sell back the book at the end of the semester she can do this as long as she promises not to create another scene in my store. I pick up the book off of the floor, hand her the reciept and wish her a good evening. She does not take kindly to this and tell me to go do something to myself (almost the same as what I refrained from telling her to do with the book). I finally escort her out of the store, and return to the lower level where the customers and my employees all seem to be in shock.

My manager looks at me and just laughs!

I look at him and say, " Man, I have never seen anybody think that playing soccer with a book that costs 100 buck will help them get a return."

All in a days work, gotta love the public!

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