Amazon Is A Dirty Word

In the bookstore business there are not many dirty words, I don't like to ban books from my shelves or tables because of content or words in the title. I am sensitive to my clientele but I never censor books*. I have put books on tables with the c word, the s word, the n word, the b word, but I am going to start banning books with the a word on the cover, or books that have to deal with the a word. No not ass, or even asshole, I am talking about Amazon, as in

I don't hate online store, I just hate online stores that compete with me. Heck, for that matter I hate any online retailers that sell books. I mean don't you want to come into a friendly neighborhood bookstore and select a book. Pick it up, read a few pages, see what you are buying before you actually buy it? Don't you want the friendly neighborhood booksellers to help you select a book that you will actually enjoy because they took the time to talk to you and get a feeling for what you like? I know I would prefer that over a computerized algorithm that makes random suggestions. Seriously, don't ever buy a self help book online from because the suggestions they will make after will make you want to commit suicide.

Come into the store, support your local bookstores, we won't charge you shipping and I bet you will enjoy the experience a whole lot more. That is my slightly biased opinion for the day. Ah yes, and also when you are in the bookstore if you are just looking for something to buy on at a later date, don't tell the bookseller, it is like a smack in the face.

* I do censor some kids books and teen reading titles, recently a few titles aimed at teens glamorizing drug use (in a way) have been published. I will never put these out on an endcap or table, but I will still carry them spined out in the section. I just feel this is not a subject a teen needs to be exposed to without input from a family member or guardian.

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