Florida Here I Come

I woke up this morning and looked out the back of the house and spotted snow falling from the sky. I cursed. I showered and got dressed for work and the snow was still coming down. I cursed again. I walked to the train, and the billowing wind blew my umbrella inside out and it was still snowing. I cursed wildly. I got on the train, late as usual and the floor was soaked with the muddy slushy footprints of the riders. Still cursing.

I sit down in my seat and open up Heat (the book I am reading) and begin to daydream of the upcoming days when I will be in Florida enjoying the sun and sand and warm weather. I wish I was going down a few days earlier with the Doctor, he gets to be warm on Thursday night. I am jealous and I curse a little bit.

Maybe I won't come back to Boston, and if I do it better not be snowing!

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