Dear Mr. Anonymous Poster

Dear Mr. Anonymous Poster-

It is very clear to me that you do not like me or the things I post in my blog. I do not write this blog to please you, nor do I expect everybody to agree with my opinion. I welcome different people's opinions in the comment section of the blog and I read them all. I appreciate hearing from people around the world. It is fun for me and that is why I write on this.

However, while I tolerate and appreciate comments on my writing and my opinions I don't appreciate attacks on my lifestyle and choices that I make. I do not appreciate you telling me and my friend S to "join in some sort of gay pact and jump off a cliff." This was not necessary and I will not tolerate this. Please refrain from making these negative and hurtful comments.

I have no problem removing the ability to post comments on my blog if you do not stop, however, that would take some of the fun out of the blog. If you are not happy with me and my posts-lifestyle- writing- please just dont read my blog.


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Bibliolatrist said...

I just don't get people sometimes. I'm sending you a virtual hug from one blogger to another :)