The (Semi) Glamorous Life (or so we like to think)

The Doctor and I enjoy being fabulous, you know fancy clothing, parties with famous people, good shoes, brunches with friends, and always looking perfect (even when hung over from a fabulous party). Champagne for breakfast Cosmos for lunch, full on Sex and the City glamour! Now, we live in Boston and not New York City, and while we are pretty damn fabulous, we are not really all that (but we like to think so.)

So last night, we were invited to the Diesel Summer Collection Launch Party, not quite the red carpet extravaganza we would have liked but hey not bad, there were velvet ropes, and most importantly free alcohol! We were invited because we are damn cute and people want to be seen with us! Or maybe just because one of the employees is a former employee of mine, and the store manager has a crush on me! Or because we are fabulous!

We show up fashionably late to avoid the paparazzi and walk right to the front of the line and walk in without even showing our invitations, there was actually a line but since we think we are hot shit (and the manager who has a crush on me was working the line) we went right in! We mingled for a bit on our way to the bar, had an associate check our coats for us, and got our drinks. Since we will be in Florida next week we opted for Vodka with a splash of light cranberry juice. We continued to mingle on both levels, look at and judge the clothing, and discuss important facts like the color story seems to be from 1988 when neon green was hot. OK, so we are critical but if they didn't want our opinion then they shouldn't have invited us.

As the night continues the manager approaches us and strikes up a conversation, of course he wants to be seen with us, I mean who doesn't. The Doctor and I work our magic, and since he obviously wants people to see us wearing the new line, he offers us a 50% discount on anything we buy that evening. Yes, we were the only ones who got the discount, no there was no discount attached to this launch event. We made the financially responsible decision to try on jeans, since there is never a sale on Diesel Jeans we might as well take advantage of the discount in the best way possible. I also need a new bathing suit for Florida, so I decided to pick this up as well. As we shop we have three sales associates helping us, because we are beautiful and important people. We try on a couple pairs of jeans and the sales associates tell us how fantastic they look on us. We contemplate the purchases, and since we fit into size 27 waist jeans we decide that it would be silly to walk out without purchasing these fantastic garments, especially since we received the well deserved discount (just for showing up!) I am sure that we were the only ones who received such great treatment as we sipped our wine and tried on our jeans.

Our glamorous evening ended in a door to door ride home via our limo, (the #1 Bus), the Doctor making some dinner, and us falling asleep on the couch while watching Make Me a Supermodel. Ah as Raf always says, "Do You Know Who I Think I Am!"

For those of you who are going to comment about how big a bitch I am please note that this post was written with a sense of humor that you may not understand. It is written in jest, and it is mainly making fun of myself and the Doctor. It is for fun, don't take it for much more than that.


Anonymous said...

If you think that calling yourself a bitch makes you any less of a bitch then you are wrong. You want to come off as funny but it doesn't work. You and your friend S should join in some kind of a gay pact and jump off a cliff

Anonymous said...

Oh God! You again? You are getting kind of boring.....Your lack of having a life is evident in the fact that you actually keep coming back to a blog that you self-admittedly don't even like just to leave nasty comments! You have way too much time on your hands. Why don't you take your less-than-fabulous ass to a blog that you enjoy reading as this is clearly not the blog for you. I think it is time for you to grow up and go away, into the endless world of the internet where there is undoubtedly (uhn-dou-tid-lee - adverb - without doubt; certainly) a blog you can look forward to reading every day because you truly enjoy it!

JRH456 said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous Poster-

It is very clear to me that you do not like me or the things I post in my blog. I do not write this blog to please you, nor do I expect everybody to agree with my opinion. I welcome different people's opinions in the comment section of the blog and I read them all. I appreciate hearing from people around the world. It is fun for me and that is why I write on this.

However, while I tolerate and appreciate comments on my writing and my opinions I don't appreciate attacks on my lifestyle and choices that I make. I do not appreciate you telling me and my friend S to "join in some sort of gay pact and jump off a cliff." This was not necessary and I will not tolerate this. Please refrain from making these negative and hurtful comments. I have no problem removing the ability to post comments on my blog if you do not stop, however, that would take some of the fun out of the blog.

If you are not happy with me and my posts-lifestyle- writing- please just dont read my blog.