And The Vineyard Trips Resume

A favorite weekend activity of ours (the old married couple as S referred to us today) is to go to local vineyards and enjoy their wine tastings. This weekend the Doctor and I decided to do Northern Virgina's Wine Tour #3 in Leesburg VA. This tour consisted of four small local vineyards that ranged in the type of wine and style made.

The first Vineyard was our favorite, as it offered a wide variety of red wines, and dessert wines including a Black Raspberry Port which was amazing, and we bought despite it being $32.00 a bottle. This vineyard had a really nice setup, with individual tasting areas, very well educated hosts who knew a lot about the wine and a very comfortable feel. Many vineyards have a tasting room that consists of a shoulder high booth and a swarm of employees babbling. This vineyard was calm peaceful and enjoyable, and they had 7 cats so we didn't feel bad admitting we have 3.

While we are at this vineyard, which I picked from the group because I liked their labels the best, we picked up a map of the other vineyards and decided on a path to follow since there were 4 places located within the 6 mile radius on the one we had just visited. All three of these vineyards had different setups and different wines.

The second vineyard was our least favorite because it seemed very disorganized and we both felt that the wines were very light and almost lacking flavor. Vineyard three was fun because of the people that worked there. They came over had a conversation with us and knew quite a bit about wine, as a matter of fact that liked us so much they gave us a 25% discount on the wine we bought.

Vineyard four was voted the best vineyard/winery in Northern Virginia. We were holding out great hopes for this vineyard, the grounds were beautiful as we walked in, and the tasting room was very nice as well. We approach the counter and ask for two tastings and we were charged $21.00! Most tastings are about $3, $10.50 is a little excessive. Overall, the wines were okay here, especially if you like a dry red wine. But it was not worth the price.

After this vineyard, we snacked on some cheese and crackers and then made our way home to relax for an evening. I am looking forward to a few more trips like this over the summer, they always are a good time.

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