The Animals and the House

So it is a georgeous day here in Washington DC and we are keeping it pretty low key, we went to brunch this morning around 11, and then my friend from Boston who is playing down here this weekend (DJR) came over for a bit. We BBQ'd a late lunch and now we are just enjoying the evening out on the front patio. See like I said nothing too exciting. Oh yeah, and then we cleaned this morning.

So I wanted to post today for a few reasons, one... there is not much better to do other than read and blog on our front patio when it is 80 degrees, two... the Doctor is washing the car and I don't want to participate, and three... because I had the camera out today and we took some cute pictures of the animals and the house.

First off, the animals, as I am sure many of you know we have a lot of animals in the house, even without Tipsy (miss you fat girl) we still have 3 cats and one dog. The Doctor had two cats before we moved in together, I had two, and he had the dog. Now we have a combined family of four animals. We have Val, (full name Valentine) the white Cat who is the ruler of the roost much to Bob's chagrin as he truly enjoyed being the Alpha cat. When it was just him and Tipsy he could boss her around and do whatever he wanted. Now, he has a couple other cats he has to contend with (not to mention Annie). Then there is the Doctor's other cat Indiana. Indiana is the resident fat cat who loves to lay around the house all day and lounge in the sun without moving. And then there is my buddy Bob. Bob has been a little grumpier since his sister died and since he was forced into a home with three other animals. He is definitely the step child who has trouble adjusting. However, for the most part all three cats can live calmly in the house with very few disturbances.

And then there is Annie. Annie is a beagle mix who is adorable to look at but she is a bit hard to live with. She is a very hyper dog, who barks non-stop at anything moving, and in my opinion she is bipolar. She loves me and then she hates me. She will cuddle with me when she is happy and she has learned to weaponize her urine so she can pee on me from a distance when she is mad at me. But she is so darn cute to look at. We obviously love out animals here in the lovely house that I am about to talk about...

So the main focus of the house since the weather has started to get warm is the front patio. We just bought the grill, and the bistro set, and the Doctor wanted a water feature so we bought the fountain. We spend many evenings out in the front, enjoying the weather grilling, and having a glass or two of wine.

Inside the house we have a huge kitchen, and living room area. The house came with three TV's the one in the living room which is a 55" Sony TV, is amazing, especially since the house is wired with surround sound in all of the rooms. The other TV's we will get to in a second. The center focal area, where we are always entertaining is the kitchen island, which also came with the house, and it glows a soft blue hue in the dark. And yes, the Doctor forgot to put the shoes away when he took one of the pictures.

We have two bathrooms, which is very convenient because we have one for the cat food, and litter and another one for the humans. Our bathroom (the human one) is done up in blue and chocolate brown and is a very relaxing room. And here are where the other TV's come into play... each of the bathrooms has a flat screen TV that is hooked up to the cable and the surround sound. Crazy I know but we could never go back to not having one because it is a great way to get the news in the morning (yes I am serous).

One of the two bedrooms in the house belongs to the roomie, so we respected his privacy and didn't take any pictures, and the other one is our room. It is a very comfortable room, especially since the Doctor loves his pillows and there are about 300 on the bed. And of course another TV for me to all asleep to every night!

So that is our home, with our 4 animals and 3 people in two bedrooms, but it works and we love it!

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