People All Over

I have mentioned this before but I think it is really cool that people from all over the world read all of the silly things I have to say on a day to day basis. Sure I don't get a million hits a day like some of the big blogging folk, but I do have over 6000 hits (sad I know) and they have come from all over the map. Below are the places that people have clicked on my blog from...

United States (US) 1,521
United Kingdom (GB) 47
Canada (CA) 21
Australia (AU) 12
Czech Republic (CZ) 7
Germany (DE) 6
France (FR) 5
Netherlands (NL) 5
Mexico (MX) 4
China (CN) 4
Costa Rica (CR) 4- those are probably from when I was there
India (IN) 3
New Zealand (NZ) 3
Europe (EU) 2
Brazil (BR) 2
Portugal (PT) 2
Argentina (AR) 2
Finland (FI) 2
Poland (PL) 2
Denmark (DK) 2
Saudi Arabia (SA) 2
Slovenia (SI) 2
Greece (GR) 2
Sweden (SE) 2
Norway (NO) 1
Belgium (BE) 1
Ireland (IE) 1
Austria (AT) 1
Switzerland (CH) 1
Iran, Islamic Republic of (IR) 1
Netherlands Antilles (AN) 1
Taiwan (TW) 1
El Salvador (SV) 1
Colombia (CO) 1
Peru (PE) 1
Singapore (SG) 1
Kuwait (KW) 1
Egypt (EG) 1
Korea, Republic of (KR) 1
Turkey (TR) 1
Morocco (MA) 1
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (LY) 1
Jordan (JO) 1
Israel (IL) 1
Romania (RO) 1

Ok, so it may be a boring post, but I find it interesting, I wonder if I can find a way to double the clicks by next year. I already linked to my facebook page, I wonder what else I can do?

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