Cleaning the Grill Can Be Hazardous

We bought a grill a few weeks ago and since then we have become grilling fiends. Every night it seems rain or shine we are firing up the grill, and making dinner. Yesterday evening we were having a few people over and decided to make some meat and veggie skewers on the grill.

We uncover the grill, and being that it is the first time we have grilled in the daytime we notice that the grill is a little dirty. No worries, I will just light it up, leave it on high, and then scrape the grease off when it warms up. In the meantime I will go inside and help prepare the meal. (And by prepare I mean watch other people cook).

A little bit of time passes and I head out to the grill to start scraping, it is quite warm but there is still a bit of grease that needs to come off of the ceramic. I leave it on high and head back into the house. My next time out I look at the window and notice that there is a small crack at the bottom that I hadn't noticed before. By the time I walk around the corner four feet and outside the crack looks bigger. I quickly realized that the heat from the grill was the cause of the crack and damn the window was hot. The crack continued to spread all the way up the window and I can't cool it down fast enough.

I move the grill away but unfortunately the damage is done, the crack is getting bigger and there is no real way to glue glass back together. Lesson learned I guess, don't grill next to your window it can be hazardous to the window!

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