Revenge: Practical Joke Style

Last week I was off on Friday, when I returned to work the following Monday my office had been redone. I was expecting it to be actually redone judging from the email I had received, but I was mistaken.

When I walked in my desk was surrounded, floor to ceiling, with cardboard framing success boxes that had a "gnome sized" door for me to get into my office. The boxes were beautifully decorated and I even had a welcome mat outside my front door. They had finally gotten me, since I am the one usually responsible for practical jokes, like when KE told me she was going to be late because she forgot her pants her entire office was full of pants she could have worn, like pink plaid pajama pants. Or moving JN's desk across the office, throwing her for a complete and total loop. It was funny to watch. I have had many others here and at other stores and many times they have gotten me. All in good fun, my favorite is when I returned from vacation at one of my stores and my desk was shrink wrapped and a large cutout of a crap was wearing one of my extra shirts and nametag hanging from the ceiling.

Anyway back to the point, everybody had been involved in this prank which meant that everybody was going to pay! Now a true practical joker knows when to strike, and I wanted to strike early so they think it has passed and in a few weeks I will get other participants when they least expect it!

So Tuesday night phase one of the strike began, I had 15 minutes in the office by myself, and my boss had already left. The time was right so I walked into her office, closed her door, and began flipping all of her furniture upside down, except for the chairs and then placing everything back on the upside down furniture exactly as it was. This created maximum impact with very little effort. It was actually funny as all you know what!

I left Tuesday night and couldn't wait to return on Wednesday morning for the reaction. Some people would not take it well but my boss loved it and knew she was in for it. She did mention that it was too soon, and that I should have waited!

Oh, I know I should have waited, and I am. I have plans! They may involve shrink wrap, duct tape, or even new springs for some of the doors!

Yes, I know I am evil!

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