Drunk Vampire

So Vampires are the new hot thing, with the New Moon and that Vampire HBO show thingy (True Blood I think its called) Vampires are in the mainstream and popular. So, when a guy showed up to our party dressed as a Vampire on Friday, I didn't really think anything of it. I wasn't quite sure who this guy was but I figured he was a friend with the roommate, or a friend of a friend. Anyway, the party continued without any major problems, the Vampire was apparently drinking in the backyard and enjoying the party.

Later in the night I had decided that it was time to wrap up the Halloween/Engagement/Birthday Party for the Doctor and myself so I turned down the music and turned up the lights slightly every few minutes. People slowly started to get the idea, and since it was late people started to say goodbye. I wasn't in a huge rush but I did want to start moving people out of the house. It took about an hour for the house to mostly clear out and we were left with a few close friends and the people who were staying with us.

We started to do a sweep of the house and pick things up; the house wasn't too bad. I ran upstairs to put a few things away and then I got the message that somebody was in the half bathroom in the lower level. I came down the stairs and found three friends talking nicely to the door and trying to coax it opened with words or by gently pushing on it. That obviously didn't work since neither the door nor the person on the other side of the door was responding to them. I come the rest of the way down the stairs and tell people to move out of my way. People try to tell me to calm down and let them be; however, I am not in the mood to let an idiot be in my bathroom at the end of the party. People can tell that I mean business so they move out of my way.

I turn the unlocked door knob and with one shoulder led push I am into the lower level bathroom that they were trying to coax open with kind words (sometimes kindness is not the answer). Once I am inside I notice the vampire passed out on the floor with blood running down his face and vomit on his chin. I hold back my queasiness and block my urge to throw up with anger. I look around the room and see that this drunken vampire has pulled my toilet paper holder and towel rod from the wall. I don't do well with morons wrecking my house so now I am fully pissed off. I kick the passed out vampire and he doesn't move so I reach down and grab him from under his arms. He mutters incoherently. I lift him to his feet; he mutters again and slowly regains consciousness but is clearly very intoxicated. I open the bathroom door, practically carry this drunken mythical creature to my front door and throw him out slamming the front door behind him with a warning to never come back.

I turn around to see six friends looking at me in awe, not sure what to think. I walk back inside proceed to clean up the bathroom and enjoy my victory. Here is a warning for all of you, who may come over to my house for any reason, don't break my shit, it pisses me off and I do not take it well. Be responsible enough to know what you are doing or I will throw you the hell out. And guess what, I won't care how drunk you are, and I might even take pleasure in it!

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