Same Sex Marriage in Washington D.C.

Here is your chance to help make a difference:

Same-gender marriage has 10 co-sponsors on a 13 member DC Council and is therefore expected to pass next week. As with any newly passed DC Act, Congress has the power to prohibit it from becoming DC Law within a 30-Day Review Period. It’s therefore critical to have the record reflect overwhelming support for marriage equality. I’m writing to ask you to submit a written testimony to become a permanent record of the bill. Will you, please?

Here is a suggested format for you to follow.

Email Subject: Bill 18-482 Testimony

Body of your Email:

Testimony by Your Name on Bill 18-482, Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009 before the Committee on Public Service and the Judiciary on Today’s Date

1. Generically thank the bill’s introducers
2. Tell your story and stance
3. Ask the Council to pass the bill
4. Close with your contact information, including address, phone and email

Emails count as equally as paper letters. Please BCC me.

Ms. Deborah Kelly, Secretary to the Council
John A. Wilson Building
1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Room 5
Washington DC 20004

These testimonies will be accepted up until 5 PM on Monday, 11/9/09. It makes no difference where you reside, and each voice has equal representation.

Whether you’re motivated by successes in places like Iowa or disheartened by temporary set-backs in places like Maine, please see this as your chance to be heard. It matters. It sure as hell matters to whether you’ll ever get an invite to my DC wedding.

Yours in the struggle for equal treatment under state and federal law for all people

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