Pi Pizza Update

A couple of months ago I talked about our trip to Pi Pizzeria in Adams Morgan Washington DC. I mainly discussed how we had the most insane but enjoyable service from the owner, Heatherly Hajoligholi.

This weekend when our friends were in from Boston (and spots they moved to from Boston) the Doctor and I took them to Pi Pizzeria so that they could experience what I had talked about in the previous post.

Unfortunately, when we walk in and are seated by a fantastic waitress we ask if Heatherly is in, and we find out that at the age of 27 Heatherly had passed away. We didn't have the heart to ask the waitress who almost burst into tears what happened so that remains a mystery, but we did feel very sad that this passing character in our lives had passed.

We wish her family and friends all the best and hope that they are able to maintain the business in her honor.

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