Reasons 3026- 3052: Why The Doctor Is Amazing!

3026- He planned a party and invited a bunch of my friends down to surprise me!

3027- He dealt with me wondering where the hell he was when he was picking up said friends at the airport.

3028- He made sure to invite even friends who lived in Brazil.

3029- He went that extra mile to try to keep all of these plans a secret from me.

3030- He refused to have a good time unless I had a good time

3031- He loves me despite my moods

3032- He loves me even though I am never appreciative enough of what he does for me

3033- He picks out the Halloween costumes and makes me wear them so I don't have to ever think about it.

3034- He calls my boss and tell her a month in advance that I won't be in on Friday, so that I could enjoy time with my friends.

3035- He knew I would never call out myself

3036- He plans an entire weekend of event so that we can all have an amazing time together.

3037- He get 20 friends together and rents a limobus to take a vineyard tour

3038- He surprises me with all of these plans

3039- Things that I can not mention on this blog

3040- He knows what will make me smile

3041- He can get me to smile in pictures

3042- He loves me even when I shut down for no reason (and did a couple times this weekend)

3043- He didn't have to do any of these things this weekend, but he did because he wanted to see me happy.

3044- He fell asleep on my shoulder, and no matter how upset or tired I was, I was happy he was there.

3045- He send me text messages that make me smile even when he is sitting next to me

3046- He calls me an idiot for dropping my phone in the toilet but helps me fix it

3047- He tickles me because he loves the way I laugh when he does it

3048- He is just so darn cute when he falls asleep on the couch

3049- I know he is the perfect person for me, and I am blinded by these shiny rocks on my finger!

3050- He is always right when it comes to me blowing the little things out of proportion

3051- He deals with me blowing the little things out of proportion

3052- He love me no matter what and I love him

I couldn't say enough nice things about what he did for me this weekend. We had an amazing time with our friends and none of it would have been possible without him. It was so great to see friends that I haven't seen and have the opportunity to hang out and so exciting things and enjoy their company. Thank you to everybody who came to the party on Friday night, and the wine tour on Sunday. And a very special thanks to all of my friends from "Boston" who came to DC to celebrate our birthdays and engagement with us. I love you all!

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