3 Hours and Still Nothing

I had to work today, I was nice to one of my managers who didn't look at the schedule and on Thursday realized that he was working Saturday when he was supposed to do a charity walk. Because of graduation and prep etc today was day 16. My patience was running low, especially since two of my managers are on vacation next week and I have to do cash and sales and run the GM department. Needless to say if a customer was anything but perfect today they would probably rub me the wrong way.

I was doing quite well for a majority of the day and then at 4:00 I got paged up to the customer service desk, E was helping a customer with a ring and apparently this had been going on for a half hour and showed no sign of being finished. Class rings run upwards of $700.00 and there are a few different things you can get, so I understand it being a long transaction. But at 4:30 this transaction was becoming a bit excessive, and at 4:40 they "left" without buying a ring.

Around 5:00 I finally break away from the register and go down to the lower level and run into the ring people that I thought had left. They are talking to one of my sales associates about graduation regalia, this is also a big purchase so they once again had a lot of questions. My sales associate who is helping them breaks away for a moment and comes up to me in the back room and says that she is going to kill these people because they have been asking her every question imaginable for close to a half hour. I told her that she has at least 40 more minutes to look forward to if the ring was any sign.

Yes, it was about 5:30 when they decided to not buy regalia at this time but took some information and moved on to the diploma frames. At this point I am getting frustrated because if they took an hour on each of the previous non-purchases then this non-purchase could put us well over closing time and on day 16 I was not going to let it happen. We made a 15 minute announcement and a 10 minute announcement and walked the floor and reminded people we were closing in 5 minutes and then made a closing announcement!

At 6:05 the store was clear... except for my FAVORITE CUSTOMER! I went downstairs to help the associate and try to speed them along. They are asking about the exact procedures for framing the diploma and i walk them through it as quickly as possible. Then they can't decide which frame, M is trying to help them and move them along and I need to run upstairs and help them close out the registers so they can get home. It is now 6:22 and I see the customer coming up the aisle and moving toward the door, but then he stops and looks at a table of shirts. I go down and ask him if he needs anything, and I notice that he has no frame in his hand.

Son of a bitch, what a waste of our time, I payed to have people help this ass for three hours and he didn't buy anything. His consultants that were with him didn't buy anything, they just wasted my time. I just can't imagine why they spent three hours in my store. I also just can't imagine how long it would take these guys to decide on what car to buy, or a house! Their poor realtor!

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