What Did I Want to Write About

I was sitting at work today and remembered something I wanted to post. I know it had something to with my job, and probably graduation weekend, and the crazy customers, and the fact that they make such a mess while shopping, but I am really not sure what it was...

But let me discuss messy shoppers for a moment...

Is it seriously necessary to throw things on the floor, do you need to pull the large out from the bottom of the pile and unfold all of the smalls and mediums above it? Do you need to move items from one rack to another rack, I mean they are right next to each other? When you try something on, is it really that hard to put it back on the hanger?

Messy shoppers drive me nuts, it makes no sense to me, when I walk into a store I never make a mess, I am careful to put things back if not perfectly then at least neatly. Do you seriously want to buy a sweatshirt that has been trampled on because the customer before you discarded it on the floor?

Please it is basic decency, be neat and respectful in any store to the staff and the merchandise. We would really appreciate it!

The same rules apply to books, especially since books are made of paper and get damaged easily, so if you walk by and knock a book on the floor please at least pick it up and put it on a table, don't step on it and don't kick it. If you decide that you don't want a book please put it back where you found it and do not shove it violently between the shelf and the wall. I have seen all of this and it makes me crazy!

That's all, and this was not what I was going to post about but it is what I posted about, still have no idea what I was thinking about posting though!

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