I Know I am Weird (AKA My Dislike of Bookmooch)

You will notice a few posts ago that I am trying to get rid of some of my old books, so I posted a few on www.bookmooch.com. Everybody I talked to loves this site, the main idea is you post books you want to get rid of and put up a wish list of books you want to get. This is in theory a great idea, and I understand why people like it. But I am picky (and weird) and certain things about books bother me. I like the way a new book smells, I never get books from a library because they smell funny. I also take very good care of my books even when I am reading them and it bothers me to see books with a broken spine or terribly bent pages.

I have received two books so far from Bookmooch

1) Notes from a Small Island
2) Club Dumas

Both of these books were in awful condition and Notes from a Small Island not only looked like it went through a garbage disposal but it also smelled like it has spent a week in a dumpster. I am not exaggerating here, I won't even put this book back on Bookmooch because I don't want to send it back out and have people think that I may have done this to the book.

My other problem with this site is they are a bit snotty. when I first joined I didn't get the email, the site said not to email them because it was not there fault that it was the fault of the email provider I was using. OK, well it didn't go into the SPAM folder and I never got it so I joined under a different name and got the email, I got it amazingly fast but it wasn't the site because they said so! Ah yes, and my favorite thing from Bookmooch occurred the other day, when I accidentally clicked on the wrong button because the page was slow to load I got this message after I corrected my mistake:

Please do not add books you do not intend to give away
When you added your book a minute ago, an email was sent to the people who have this book on their wish list, and they will now be frustrated that the book is not actually available.
Only add books into BookMooch you really intend to give away.

Well I know that's why I took the book off, can't you be nice about the message you send, now that I don't like the site I think I am just going to add and remove books to piss them off. OK, I won't but I am done with Bookmooch, I know I am weird but that's the way I am.

oh yeah, does anybody want a really smelly copy of Notes from a Small Island!


Anonymous said...

Do you think that you might be the person who might be stuck up! Judging from the tone of your posts you seem to think that you are better than everybody and have a problem with anything people do that does not go with your way of living. Maybe you should get over yourself and stop complaining about the way books smell.

sarah said...

well i for one understands you (unlike the guy who thinks you are stuck up, which since i have the pleasure to know you, i can honestly say you're not.. a pain in the ass, but not stuck up!) anyyyyyyway, i agree that this kind of site is really not good because you know what kind of books you put on it but you never know what you get in return. So yes, mister (or miss) anonymous, if like JRH and I you are professionals in the book business, you have a certain idea of what you want a book to look like.... and a book that is sent looking that is has been through hell is not a book that we want on our shelves!

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear, I wasn't going to dignify Mr./Miss. Anonymous with a response but I appreciate your support. And I knew that the book people would understand! And yes while I am a pain in the ass, I am def. not stuck up, I am just particular, and the point of this blog is to spout out the stuff that is on my mind, you don't have to agree with it, and if you don't like it please don't read it.

Anyway, how is France dear! Hope all is well and email soon.