Costa Rica: Post 1 Losing an Umbrella

Last night I just got back from Costa Rica... yes the second time this year, and since we didn't have any Internet I am going to post a few stories from Costa Rica here over the next few days. The first thing I want to write about is Friday night.

The Doctor and I are in the middle of the jungle in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula with our friend Yogi A who is opening a hotel/ resort there. He was kind enough to host us for a few days and on Friday night he wanted to bring us to a restaurant/ market up the road for dinner. It is the green season in Costa Rica so it generally rains, and rains very hard at night. When we go there Thursday we experienced some of the biggest thunderstorms I can remember.

So back to the story... we were getting ready for dinner when it began pouring. A tropical downpour is no joke so we thought we would wait for it to slow down. When it didn't, and we were more than ready to go we decided to borrow an umbrella and a sheet to get across the property to the jeep. As we run, stepping in puddles and piles of mud we get to the jeep. The sheet proved to be useless as the doctor and I just ended up being soaked with a very moist and muddy sheet over us, and the umbrella didn't prove to be much more useful since Yogi A was soaked as well.

Once we got into the car, Yogi A tried to back it up in the pouring rain, and since there are no lights in the jungle, backing up was difficult. As he turned the car around he noticed that he forgot the extra container of gas just in case we ran out since they didn't know how much gas the jeep had in it. He ran back to the main cabina and the gas wasn't there because the "property manager," Marie (who will be another post later this week) was waiting along the side of the road with it since she knew we had forgotten it.

Yogi A got back to the car even more soaked then before. We were on our way out of the property and down the road. The road is a dirt road, rocky and bisected by streams of water. With the pouring rain and lack of light this was an adventure and a half. Add on top of the road conditions and the rain the fact that the windows of the jeep kept fogging up, and the fumes from the gas were making us a little silly. Yogi A let out a screech every time we went through a puddle or unexpected stream and the Doctor was laughing hysterically, I was holding on for my life as we bounced into the parking area of the restaurant.

On Friday nights this restaurant is also a "market" where the locals go to sell some of their wares. Yogi A knows some of these people including the woman who sells the chocolate, she is an amazing woman with some amazing stories, and by the time you are done talking to her you think that you are the one that is crazy. We grab a seat in at the communal table and order a bottle of wine for the Doctor and Yogi A and a beer for myself. We are slightly disappointed they don't have pork chops but they have tuna and I have the gnnocci. We sit, we laugh, we talk, we meet up with some people from town and we have a blast. The restaurant is amazing and filled with interesting people. The food arrives and the Doctor grabs me another beer. The rain is coming down and we sit in the middle of the jungle and enjoy a fantastic meal. We continue to talk laugh drink, and mingle as a few more of Yogi A's friends stop by to talk.

The Doctor goes over and buys some chocolate, we continue to rink talk and laugh and then we are on our way back to the resort. It is still raining a little bit as we run to the jeep dogging puddles all the way. Yogi A stops at the door and puts the umbrella he is using on the roof of the jeep as he looks for the keys and does something else. We get in the car and we adventure back. The road conditions are a little better than before and we can see out of the car. Halfway home Yogi A asks me if there is an umbrella in the back. Of course there wasn't and he realizes that he must have left it on the roof of the car. Damn the umbrella is missing somewhere on the road. We decide that we will have to take a look for it tomorrow. Yes we laughed a little the rest of the way home about the missing bright red patterned umbrella. We also laughed about how Marie was going to respond to the fact that her umbrella was missing.

We make it home, get in the gate, make it to the kitchen area, and open another bottle of wine. We sit down and talk some more laugh, and overall enjoy each others company. We are up late enjoying every moment. it is a night I will not forget because it was a night of laughter and fun and friendship. It was a night where we enjoyed each others company without the worries of the modern world. It was a night when we lost a very ugly umbrella.

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