Costa Rica: Post 2 Private Beach

The beach we had at our resort was a very private beach. We could walk the beach for an hour and not run into anybody. Our cabina was about 100 meters off of the beach and we woke up and went to bed with the sound of the waves lapping up on shore. One of the amazing things about Costa Rica is that all of the beaches and the water are immediately adjacent to the jungle. During high tide in some cases the tree are "in" the ocean. The beaches are pure and by no sense man made this is one of the most amazing aspects of the beach at the Blue Osa.

Every morning we would wake up early and head down to the beach. Some mornings we would wake up and go down to the beach and read our books as the waves crashed ashore, and other mornings we would wake up and go for an early morning walk on the beach. I took hundreds of pictures on these long walks on the beach (I know it sounds like a personal ad) as we walked up and down around the trees and looking at the animals. Some mornings we spotted the hermit crabs walking up the beach and down into there holes, other morning the Scarlett macaws were flying side by side above us. The Doctor got in the habit of talking to the animals on these walks (yes he is a little crazy).

The trees above us provided a beautiful landscape and the sun shimmered on the water. Across the water you could see the mountains along the coast, and one point across the water in the distance you could see the distant shore of Panama.

Towards one of the ends of the beach there is a river that runs into the ocean, the river and ocean contrast is beautiful and one that I can't ever remember seeing up close before. As we walked down the other side of the beach we walked past the famous Blue Osa mud which is used in face masks and cosmetics. The Doctor collected some and he and Yogi A used it later one day.

The beach at the Blue Osa in Costa Rica is amazing, if you ever get the chance to go down to this resort when it opens next year it will be more than worth your time and money. The beach alone makes it worthwhile. And of course by the end of the last day we even had a hammock on the beach. Life could not be better.

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