A Prize In the Mess

When I got back from Chicago my desk was covered with papers and packages, my desk is always covered when I get back from a trip, or even a day away from work. I neatly piled my packages on my desk, checked my emails and voicemails, handled what I needed to handle and then began going through the pile.

Most of it was boring and was discarded immediately. At the bottom of the pile however, was a manila envelope from Random House. I couldn't figure out what I had ordered for the store from RH and why it hadn't made it to the sales floor. I opened it and recognized the book in the envelope. It was a free copy of The Angels Game by Zafon.

A few months back I had asked for an advanced readers copy and got it, and because the book had made the Bestseller list in its first week the publisher sent out copies to those people that supported the book. I neatly put the book back in the envelope and slid it into my bag.

Later at lunch I pulled the book out and noticed a letter in the book from the publisher. Out of interest I pull the letter out, read the thank you for support, and then notice the line

... please accept this signed first edition copy of The Angels Game...

Wow, that is really cool. Zafon is a fantastic author and I recommend reading him, and I do love Random House for sending me this gift, which went directly onto my bookshelf next to my other signed copies to be cherished.

If you haven't read Shadow of the Wind or The Angels Game you are missing out. Go pick them up at your local bookstore and enjoy!

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