Day 12- That was NOT easy!

Today is Day 12 of Holiday happiness and there were times today when I was hating the holiday season. It has been a really crazy couple of days since Saturday.

It has been a rough twelve days since sales have been down slightly and I am struggling to find ways to bring back customers, put out the right merchandise and ring on the registers to alleviate the lines that we do have. My VP was in town and asked me to complete a project this week that required me to make 10 copies of each of my floor plans. These plans are very large and because I am on a tight deadline I made a bad mistake of bringing my originals to an office supply store (begins with an S). I arranged for an employee to pick them up at this same place later that evening. When that employee gets to the store, they can't seem to fin the plans or the copies. I get in this morning expecting to work on my plans and they were nowhere to be found. I was quite upset, especially since this project is the last thing I need during the Holiday season. I get in touch with the employee who was supposed to pick up the plans and then I call the store and they explain to me that they remember somebody dropping off the plans but they don't know where they went.

Hmmm, PROBLEM... How do you lose a project your are working on for a customer. I explain that they need to fin these plans and call me back within an hour or I will be coming to the store to figure out a way to straighten out the situation (I think I may have mentioned that a manager and a fit may be involved). I get a call back in 20 minutes and they tell me that my plans were not dropped off at his store they were dropped off at another store across town. He then begins to reprimand me and tell me that I should get my facts straight before accusing him of losing my plans. Well, I am sure that the plans were brought to the store right up the street because that's where we bring all of our projects but I call the store cross town and it seems that they don't have the project either. I AM FURIOUS AT THIS POINT.

After about another hour and some yelling, it turns out that we brought the plans to the original store and they had them brought across town because they didn't have the right machine to copy it, then the store across town was supposed to bring it back to the original store but it had not happened as of yet. I had an employee pick up the plans across town and they are now back in my possession.

Let me tell you... That was NOT easy!

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