Day 30- Only One Day Left

Usually at this time of year I am exhausted and overjoyed and like a little kid because I finally will get to experience Christmas the way it was meant to be with all of my family. This year Day 31 will be a bit different. I am going to be starting my new job when I return to work in the new year so technically Day 31 is my last day that I will be working in my current store in my current position, and I am really going to miss it.

I am going to miss the people (all of whom try to make me laugh) even when I am grumpy

I am going to miss L's homemade cookies (every assistant should bake for their manager)

I am going to miss the Bible Lady, hey at least she gives me something to talk about

I am going to miss having ten escalators to ride all day long, no other bookstore I know of has ten escalators

Oddly enough, I think I am going to miss my boss a bit, he is quite a character and he is definately one of a kind

I am going to miss the hedgehog (I think I am going to have to take him with me)

I am going to miss the burgundy wall L and I have still not really finished painting

I am going to miss sharing and office suite with 3 other managers

I am going to miss my office window, I don't have a window at my new job, let alone a window that I can see the park from.

Fried Pickles are going to be so far away now, I am going to have to come back when I am not working to get them.

I am going to miss the Haunted Filing Cabinet, seriously it makes weird unprovoked noises throughout the day

I am going to miss my closing shift every Thursday (I am not going to miss closing at 9:00 though 6:30 is so much better)

I am going to miss not being able to drive to work and park right behind my store, this never happens in Boston, but I was lucky enough to enjoy it for 2 plus years.

I am going to miss my nice big leather chair (it is really comfy but L deserves this chair and this job more then anybody I have ever had the pleasure of working with)

It is always weird leaving a job because if you like your job it becomes a part of your identity. I have moved around with my company a lot and I always land on my feet and make new friends and fall into new routines and I find things that I will miss when I leave that job. I know I will do the same in my new position and I know that I will enjoy it.

Merry Christmas to everybody, I hope you all found great books to give as gifts. I wish my staff at my current store all the best, you will all be incredibly successful, and I wish the staff across the river the best of luck, you all have to answer to me now and that can be difficult.

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