I haven't posted in a bit because I have been on vacation from work and away from the Boston area for a few days. OK, well that's only part of the reason, the other reason is that I am addicted to 24. I love this show and I got seasons 3,4, and 5 for Christmas, and season six is starting in like 16 days. The best thing about 24 is there is all the reason and no reason to love it. Its great because it is action packed but really the writing is so bad. Even though I do enjoy hearing Jack yell "Damn It" at least 15 times and episode. That means I heard Jack yell "Damn It" 100 times today (yes I watched 8 episodes) it is so DAMN addictive. Here are some of the things that I love about 24:

1) Important characters die all the time, very few original cast members are still around.

2) Jack will never die.

3) If you run CTU, chances are you will be shot, die, crash a plane or come to some other unfortunate end

4) Presidents wives are totally nuts

5) You talk about 24 with your employees and random customers join in on the conversation because they are so shocked by the occurrences

6) The villains are amazing

7) The twists and turns make you yell at your television

8) The only character that you want to die will never die, but then again it is 24 and season six is on the way

9) Jack can get away with anything and he can do anything

10) If you get to close to Jack or his family you increase the possibility of getting killed

OK, well I am totally addicted and I am thinking about starting season 4 tonight, is 9 episodes in one day too many?

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