Day 8- Is This the Concierge Desk?

I spent most of my day today down on the first floor with K and B. We had a good time as always and sales are starting to pick up so we were fairly busy with customers. I like selling books so today made me happy!

My favorite couple of the day came in this evening, they were staying at the Hotel across the street and wanted some information. The husband walks up to me and asks, "Is this the concierge desk?"

I am slightly thrown off by this questions thinking that maybe this elderly couple thinks they are in their hotel but can't find the room. "Not quite but how can I help you" I respond. It turns out they did know they were in the bookstore and were looking for a place to eat supper and his wife wanted a book. I rambled off a few of the local restaurants and then went up to the second floor of the store to grab a book for the wife. She was feeling very worn out today and the weather was making her hurt. I rang this couple up and I asked them if they needed anything else. They were all set and were going to eat at one of the restaurants I recommended.

"Is this the concierge desk?" Well, the more I think about it the more I realize that even though the sign over my head says book information, I am more of a K Square Concierge. After all, the most frequently asked question is "Where is the bathroom? Today I was also asked where the Park was, where the new Burger Place was, where one should pick up the bus, how does one get to Park Drive, where is there a copy machine, where is there a store where one can buy CD's, how do you remove the red dye from a pottery barn bag from a white jacket, how much is the student discount at the computer store, if the cafe still has Caramel Apple Cider, and if the Retro Hockey Jersey was still available in a smaller size?!? The thing is, I am expected to have the answer to all of these questions, if I don't know customers become visibly upset. So I guess I am the conceirge after all!

Hey Santa Total- I have heard it 16 times this week (no really I am keeping a tally in my office)


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