Day 14- I Can Share the Good News and Bibles

So it is Day 14 about 8 days after I got good news about my job and it is now finally out in the open. After I make it through the fun of the Holiday season I am going to be leaving my current store and heading across the river to a new store. I got a promotion and I am very excited. What is even better is that L got my job, which is what I was pushing for because she really deserves it. It was a happy day when I found out that I got the job, but I couldn't tell anybody. Now I can tell everybody!

Now on to the bibles, or more specifically, The Bible Lady. There comes a time in the life of everybody in the bookstore when they meet the bible lady. This has happened to a few of my holiday temps this week and each of them are shocked once they realize what she does with the bible (eats it, smokes it, uses it to line her shoes). If you want to be shocked I recommend you read the post from Wednesday, September 27 on K does an excellent job describing what she deals with everyday with the Bible Lady. The funny thing to me is when the Bible Lady suddenly enters life outside of the bookstore.

S calls me the other night and begins the conversation with, "There is something I have been meaning to ask you for a while." I wasn't quite sure what he wanted to ask but then he blurted out, "Does she really eat bibles?" I almost drive off the road in a fit of laughter, not expecting this question but realizing that he actually does read this blog every couple of days. YES she really does EAT the bible! "Well aren't you worried about that?" Hmmm, well not really but he does raise a good point, she could become very sick by eating the bible, possibly from the ink or from the paper and treatments it may receive, or from the gold gilded foil on the edges of the pages. My store does provide her with the bibles that could cause whatever problem eating the bible could cause but, "NO, I am not really worried." She makes the choice to eat the bibles and quite honestly I know she has gone to the doctor since she has been doing this because she has stories about this and will gladly share. We talk a little bit more about her and I now realize that the Bible lady is going to be a permanent fixture in many discussions to come.

I go into work the next day and relay the story to K, and she tells me that the Bible Lady has become a favorite party trick with her friends. If they are ever at a party with new people they tell the story of the Bible Lady and people stare in amazement.

Steve wants to come into the store one day and see her eat the bible, apparently so do some of K's friends.

Come to think of it I am going to miss The Bible Lady when I move to my new job, but I am sure I will find other characters to talk about.

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