Day 23- Books and Other B Words

So, like I said it has been a bit crazy, but the craziness has not lead to strong sales. We are trying hard but the customers just aren't appearing in the store and as much as I want to drag customers in off of the street and demand that they purchase at least 100 dollars in books before they leave, it think the company would frown upon this practice. Over the past few days a bunch of things about people (and the weather) have been bothering me.

1) We are running a children's book drive to benefit those who can not afford books to read. I think this is an important cause, and even if I wasn't getting anything for donating a book I would gladly donate. Apparently, this is not the case at my store, and we are offering them a 20% discount on all the Children's books they purchase for themselves if they buy just one book to donate the book drive. I have had two occasions where the customer would actually SAVE money if they donated a book to the book drive, and they REFUSED. One EVIL BITCH even demanded that I give her a discount because she wanted both the books and it said she received 20% off on the flyer advertising the book drive said she would receive that percentage off. I explained the guidelines of the book drive and she told me that I was just being mean because I wouldn't give here the 20% off on the books. No, you bad Fran Dresher Drag Queen look a like, you are being mean to the poor children who can't afford books to read. If you could only find a single ounce of compassion in your non existent heart you would realize that you would save money by being nice to these children. So back off bitch and use some shampoo in that mop of greasy hair on your head.

(I had to walk away from this woman or I think I would have gone after her and beat her with her children's books)

On the same topic, my employees are awesome and they have all donated books, even my mom donated a couple all the way from NY (via me of course).

2) Why is it so warm and why do college students think it is summer? I know it has been very warm this week, and that is probably not good for putting people in the Holiday spirit. However, the college students in my store have been coming in wearing flip flops and tank tops. It is the middle of December, it is almost Christmas, shouldn't these clothes be stored away in your underbed storage cases your parents bought from me on move in weekend. This must be what its like to go Christmas shopping in Florida but it just seems so wrong.

Only 8 more shopping days until Christmas- I can recommend some books to buy if you like!

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