6 Kick Ass Employees

I will preface this post with the fact that I still love all of my employees from my last store you guys still rock and I miss you all still.

However, I made my first round of hires that impacted my new store last week and I seem to have hit the jackpot. This is very rare! I interviewed 11 people for the open positions that I had and 10 of them were strong applicants. I had a bunch of positions opened and I was hoping to fill 3 or 4, however, the hiring gods were with me and I had applicants who had Masters Degrees from Harvard, teachers, book lovers, energetic community college graduates and just plain old great people.

I decided to hire six of them with high hopes that most of them would work out at least through our Back to School period. I usually have high hopes and I usually have a good retention percentage, but no matter how good the interviews go, in the back of your mind you expect to have at least one nutjob sneak through. So far, I have been incredibly lucky. I have 6 great new employees who are working hard and making sure we are ready for back to school. They are all self motivated hard workers I love it.

It makes for such a great day, and hopefully a manageable Rush!


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