Squandering Weekends

So, I woke up yesterday morning at 6:30am and I was very cranky. I barely slept the night before because I pretty much slept all weekend (great idea at the time not so much on Monday morning). For the past four years I have worked at least two full weekends a month and now I am in a position where I have a majority of weekends off. Now if I were smart I would use these weekends to my advantage, maybe go to a museum, clean my house, read a book, do other things around the house. The problem is I have not been doing these things, instead I sleep until noon (or later) and then I bum around my house, watch some TV and maybe sleep some more.

All of this laziness gets my week off to a bad start on Monday because I can never fall asleep on Sunday night, instead I lay in bed with my mind racing. Then I am exhausted, I want to go to bed all day Monday and when I finally get home I am too tired to do anything but sleep.

Now, with three whole weekends off this month, I have to work on Saturday which means I won't squander this weekend but I need to start finding some reasonably priced things to do starting around 10am on Saturday mornings from now on. Any suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

Insomnia from sleeping too much on saturday?? My ass......