Pasta, Cream Cheese, Razors, Laundry Detergent

I was supposed to do a lot of things yesterday, like laundry and going grocery shopping, however, it was really cold and the thought of going outside was not really making me very happy. Instead I slept until close to noon and then only partially woke up and sat on my couch watching a variety of television made for lazy people like me on Saturdays. Since I live alone and I had nobody here to tell me to stop being a slob I pretty much wasted an entire day until I got up and went to the gym around five in the afternoon.

Now because I was such a sloth yesterday I had to do all of those things today, and it was not much warmer out so I am not sure if I really won out today or not. I started my day by putting a load of laundry in the washer. For those of you who are not familiar with the washing machine in my condo, if you put one towel and one pair of jeans in it then you are overloading the machine. Each wash takes 35 minutes and if you are drying a pair of jeans or a towel then it take two hours. So I finished on load and put another one in the washer to claim the washer. I then moved on to cleaning out my fridge, which wasn't that hard because I haven't actually gone food shopping in a couple months, so I threw out some Chinese food containers and pizza boxes and took them down and was off to the Stop and Shop.

Now, I hate food shopping! I get so aggravated because I always go and spend over a hundred dollars and return with less than a single coherent meal. I didn't go with a list, but I was determined to make the best use of my money today at the store. Of course I didn't but the supermarket is set up for people like me who have ADD, they know how to make us scatterbrained people buy lots of stuff. I walked up and down all of the aisles and picked up stuff and then put stuff back, i filled my cart and then walked back down the aisles and threw stuff back onto the shelves. As usual I left with some stuff that was necessary, some stuff I will use and other things (well who knows)! The one thing that I did need and purchased today were razor blades for my Gillette Razor the one with all five blades (you know the new shiny model). This purchase almost sent me over the edge right in the store. Do you know that a pack of 4 cartridges costs $15.99? Seriously? And you only get like 3 good shaves out of each blade but you stretch it to five because they cost so much. Where do they get off charging that much money for razors? Ugh, makes me so crazy!

Anyway, at least I have food in the house so I can save some money and eat some stuff I cook. Hmmm, what should I make tonight? Or maybe I'll just order Chinese food!

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