I Was A Mess

I am a creature of habit, I always have been and I always will be! I try to live my life by schedules and sometimes even the smallest thing can throw me off of my schedule and wreak havoc during my day. My normal morning schedule revolves around my commute with my new job and I have fallen into certain habits that seem to work for me.

I usually walk out my door and lock the locks, then walk down the stairs, lock the bottom door and drop my keys into the center pouch of my bag. I then put my headphones on and put my gloves on and walk out my front door. I proceed to walk to the train through the Stop and Shop parking lot and arrive at the J. Square T station where I remove my Charlie card from my pocket and walk down to the platform. Once on the platform I put my I-pod and gloves in my bag and remove my book and begin reading. I read from J. Square through my train switch all the way to K. Square. When i get to work I hang my bag on the back of my door with my jacket and put the book I am reading on my desk so I can continue reading during my lunch.

Somehow things went wrong today from the moment I left my house until the moment I returned this evening, and it all stems from me having to bring the garbage down, which means my hands were extra full and I somehow managed to drop my keys into the puddle next to the garbage can. Once I fished them out I made my way towards the road and had to untangle the wires on my headphones and finally got them set up and in my ears and when I got to the S&S parking lot I finally had my gloves on, which was good considering it was snowing. I get to the station and the dropping continues as I proceed to drop my Charlie Card not once but twice and the train is coming so I have to run down the stairs and jump into the closing doors of the packed train. Now, I am all sorts of a mess because I haven't been able to switch to my book and my gloves and Ipod are all dangling from me. I try to do this but on a packed moving train that is swaying back and forth on a Monday morning I am having tons of difficulty. Two stops in I am finally reading my book and I have all of my stuff in the proper location. I seem to have everything under control when I get off the train in K. Square, and I am even early for work!

But just when I thought I had recovered my rhythm, I noticed that I didn't have a book to put on my desk to read during lunch. SHIT! I put it down on the train because somehow I got a signal and my cell phone was vibrating in my bag and I must have forgotten it on the seat next to me. I had to buy another copy of it and now somebody who was judging me for reading, "Getting Stoned with Savages" has a free copy.

It was not a pretty day and I blame the garbage, that was the only difference so it has to be the garbage, it couldn't possibly be me.

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Anonymous said...

From a previous "T" commuter to a new one - The "T" will claim a lot of your possessions over time. It is like a sacrifice to the subway gods. They actually have a lost and found hotline too, believe it or not....Cuz you know if you leave something of value, the other classy "T" riders are definitely going to turn it in. You would too, wouldn't you? Frankly, I wouldn't even want to physically touch something left on the "T", let alone carry it someplace to turn in!