Not Up to Date

During my busiest time at work I was posting about three times a week, maybe it was because I had more to talk about and needed to vent. Or maybe it was because it was before I went on my 24 marathon. Or maybe it was because I wasn't riding the train everyday. I am not really sure all I do know is that I am always thinking about things I should post but I am never making the time to post them. So here I am at 1:30 in the am thinking about all the things I have thought would be appropriate to post.

1) 24 started this weekend (Sunday and Monday) and it was awesome. I won't spoil it for those of you who live under a rock and haven't seen it. All I can say is that season 6 looks like it is going to be Soooooooooooooooo Good.

2) American Idol started today, I love the auditions they are one of my favorite parts but I do get totally caught up in the whole thing, my whole family does so I accept it as bonding.

3) Riding the train is a very interesting experience, there is this guy on the orange line who rides with a "boom box" blaring music, wears headphones, dances around and sings to the blaring music, and has stuffed animals strapped to his backpack. Apparently he rides the train a lot because I have spoken to others who have spotted him.

4) I have also discovered that the T is like a wild safari, there are all sorts of sightings that you would normally only see in the wild (i guess that's how I can describe it).

5) Friday night I spent 7 (yes 7) hours at CW's with some friends from my old store, it was fun to talk and have a few (a lot) of beers but 7 hours might have been a bit excessive.

6) Saturday I went to the MFA with H and R. We had a great time and then we went to BBW and had fried pickles. For those of you who are reading this and think they are gross, you have no idea what you are missing. YUMMY!

7) Saturday night I also went out and got hit in the face and chipped my tooth, its a long story and no major damage but it makes me mad. No I wasn't even drunk when this occurred, even though the person who hit me in the face was clearly drunk and on something.

8) Why do people walk so slow when it is cold out, I mean really why block the whole side walk lumbering slowly towards your destination when I am freezing and on my way to the train. If you hear me practically running behind you on the street, get the hell out of my way.

9) I have learned to not lift my eyes from my book when I am reading on the train, if i do not obey this rule I end up stuck in a conversation with a 128 year old woman about the purpose of mittens.

10) I must remember to charge my Ipod every night and switch it from my gym bag to my work bag. This is a very difficult task for me.

11) The gym is driving me nuts, I wish people wouldn't make New Year's Resolutions to get back into shape because all they do is get in my way. No you do not loose weight just by going to the gym and sitting on the equipment, you actually have to do something. Oh yeah, and if you want to talk on your cell phone get your fat ass off my elliptical I want to use it to run.

I think this covers a majority of the posts that I was thinking about over the past week. I am going to try to post more often. I know S needs some more reading material, he has moved on to reading K's blog as well. I am going to try to post again in a couple days, I need to get back on a good schedule... maybe!

By the way 24 is on again next Monday, I so can't wait!!!!!!

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