Savages and Cannibals

When I left my house this morning to get on the train it was 7 degrees out. It was really really cold. I had on about five layers but i was still frozen when I go to the train this morning. When I walked back from work this evening the wind was blowing in my face and I am pretty sure that my eyeballs froze.

Anyway, I started reading Getting Stoned With Savages today by J. Maarten Troost, he is also the author of The Sex Lives of Cannibals. He is a travel writer and the book I am reading is not about smoking it is about the time he spent in an island nation in the South Pacific called Vanuata as well as some time he spends in Fiji after his wife gets pregnant. This is a humorous light hearted piece of travel writing but the looks I got on the train today were quite amusing.

Seriously people, just because the title says "getting stoned" doesn't mean that I am a hippie who may light up on the train. I know it is a brightly colored cover and its an interesting title but I don't look at you funny when you are reading crappy romance books. I don't judge the guy reading the Da Vinci Code 10 years after it came out.

I decided that I would read an entertaining book about a culture that is not my own, don't judge me and look at me funny. That is what I am supposed to do to you weirdos!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are writing again! Keep it up! I look forward to the little laughs I get out of them! (and as far as the 'T' goes....I know exactly what you mean! Only someone who actually rides it everyday gets that!)

Anonymous said...

Ah see now I get it. I missed the signature.